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Age years months
Weight kg
Please see this page for details of the dosages and calculations used here.
Premed Amount
Midazolam (buccal) mg
Midazolam (oral) mg
Dexmedetomidine (intranasal)* mcg
* 2mcg/kg, can be up to 4mcg/kg (max 200mcg)
Drug Amount Volume (mls)
Suxamethonium (IV) mg
Atropine mcg
Drug Amount Volume (mls)
Propofol 1% mg
Ketamine 10mg/ml mg
Rocuronium (normal) mg
Rocuronium (RSI) mg
Neostig/Glyco ml
Drug Amount
Cefuroxime mg
Co-amoxiclav mg
Metronidazole mg
Gentamicin (3mg/kg) mg
Drug Amount Volume (mls)
Ondansetron mg
Dexamethasone mg
Drug Amt Vol (mls) Freq
Paracetamol IV mg 4-6 hrly, max QDS
Ibuprofen PO mg 6-8hrly
Diclofenac PO/PR mg 8 hrly

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epidural prescription - under construction. see guideline
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